Unique And Original Proposal Ideas

Gentlemen who love to be creative, and want their proposal to be very unique often have a hard time figuring out how they should pop the question. There are tons of different suggestions online, but the problem is that many of them are so overused that they no longer have as much meaning as they should.

This problem is often compounded by the fact that you only really get one shot at it. Marriage proposals can be very difficult to do, simply because there isn’t any way that you can have a “re-do” with the same effect. So, it’s always important to come up with a new, unique, and fool-proof way to make her feel like the luckiest girl on Earth.  Here are some great ways to make your marriage proposal as unique (and classy) as possible!

Unleash Your Inner Artist

 Are you an artist of some sort? Do you make your own music, paint, or sculpt? If you do, you have a perfect creative outlet and modus opperandi to work with. Create a work of art that will do the talking for you, then take her to a gallery where it is going to be unveiled infront of her. Excellent ideas for this is a simple painting that has the words “Will you marry me?” painted on it, a sculpture of a man holding the engagement ring for your beloved, or a new track which pops the question as the chorus. People will be saying that you have been able to master the task of proposing to your girlfriend to an artistic level.

Put It On Ice!

There is probably a very good chance that both you and your girlfriend enjoy a chilled drink once in a while. Book a reservation at your favorite restaurant before the day. Get the restaurant staff to put your ring in one of the ice cubes trays, and have them fill it with water. Have them deliver the chilled drink with the ring inside on a platter with a card that says “Will You Marry Me?”


Are you and your sweetie both fans of anime? Attend an anime convention together, and make an effort to get matching costumes. Talk to the people who are running the convention, and tell them that you are going to be proposing to your girlfriend at the costume contest. Attend the costume contest with your girlfriend, and make the special announcement. Plus points for being able to add in at least one or two references to her favorite show!

Romantic Flash Mob

Enlist the help of a bunch of friends to set up a flash mob that will be singing and dancing to her favorite romantic song. Take her out on a trip to a big city, and “accidentally”  run into all of your friends. Let the fun begin as everyone sings and dances to her favorite song, and let the grand finale of the performance be your marriage proposal. It will feel exactly like something out of a movie!