Wedding Proposals In The Social Network Era

No one can deny that Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and social networks of all sorts have changed the way that we as people interact. We are now expected to post good news, keep in touch via Facebook, and even post photos for everyone to see – just as a simple way of keeping up the way that people see you.

That being said, announcing that you are engaged to be married is still a huge deal, even on social networks. But, much like any other form of interaction, there are certain things that you should and should not do. Here is a quick guide for the newly engaged, as well as the soon to be newly engaged, on how to deal with social media issues.

For The Soon To Be Engaged

  • Do NOT  let the secret out online!  This should be common sense, but it isn’t for some. Don’t tell anyone on Facebook, don’t post it on a wall, or anything like that. Otherwise, you will end up ruining the surprise.
  • DO ask others on how they would like to get engaged, but do so subtly. It’s always a good idea to hear friends’ 2 cents on the subject.

For The Engaged

  • DO put up multiple shots of the engagement ring. Doing this is a great way to make sure that people can get a good look at it, and admire it. It’s also a good way to spread the news.
  • Do NOT turn into a bridezilla, or a groomzilla. Sure, you are engaged, but do you really have to begin ordering people around for your wedding already?!
  • If your relationship somehow hurt others in the process, do NOT use your engagement as a weapon against them. This rule is for people who left their significant others for their new fiance, or for people who may have alienated others because of how the relationship was founded. A truly polite person will not go on Facebook and try to further “rub it in their faces.” Doing so, especially on such a public medium, will only make you look bad.
  • Make an effort to let people feel included in the celebration, no matter how small a role they will play. Manners is all about inclusion. If you feel like they may feel left out of the fun, drop them a note telling them that they are welcome to come to a cocktail party with you and your future wife.
  •  Be understanding if people are miffed that they were not invited to the wedding. You can offer a simple apology and explanation. There are a lot of people out there who would feel like it’s a big insult to be excluded from the wedding ceremony, or even the wedding party, and they may lash out at you for that in some cases.
  • Keep people updated about the engagement news. This is a must! People do want to know about the latest news on your marriage.