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Brillianteers is a global company with representation in North America, Europe and the Middle east .  
We make use of the latest technologies to operate a team of global professionals that help us grow our business.

We employ people from all around the world and for most positions , locations will be no barrier.

1) Looking for a Fashion Blogger

We are looking to cooperate with a fashion blogger that is willing to wear our jewelry, show them off and write about them. We would also gladly appreciate feedback from an industry expert that will help us improve designs and develop new products according to the latest trends.

In addition, we are looking to compensate a blogger on a fixed but increasing monthly pay that will write on our blog and social networks to feed our community with news and interesting content

OR , please send CV to jobs 'at' brillianteers.com

At Brillianteers we are

Constantly Growing

In addition to our local staff at the NY head office, we employ people around the world.

Being a technological company, we are investing resources in online marketing and looking for talented internet marketers from anywhere in the world to join our marketing team.

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Brillianteers is a

Global Company

Brillianteers is a global company with representation in over 5 countries and affiliated jewelers in over 20 more.

Our Head office is located in a prime location in Manhatten.

Contact Us: 1-888-265-2069

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We design and manufacture diamond jewelry for 30 years. Our specialty is Engagement Rings and we also design Bracelets, Pendants and Earrings. We take pride in our exclusive designs and top notch jewelry craftsmanship

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