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Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings Under $500

We crunched our prices and put together a list of affordable engagement ring below $500 which we believe would fit in almost every budget.  Most of these rings are solitaire rings as side stones usually increase the price and set with a modest but beautiful and sparkling center stone.  All the rings are set with natural earth mined diamonds.

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Engagement Rings Under 500 Dollars

It is possible to find a ring you love for $500 or under without sacrificing beauty or quality. By shopping for simple designs with few or no side stones, no halo surround and a small center diamond you can stay within your budget.

The Sieva engagement ring with a 0.30 carat round cut diamond and an asymmetrical shank is well under $500. Available in white, yellow or rose gold with a double bonded band the clean design is both stylish and affordable.

Another high-quality engagement ring under $500 is the elegant and uncomplicated Venetian. The handcrafted 0.30 CT diamond solitaire ring is simple yet eye-catching.

Best Metals for Engagement Rings Under $500

The best metals for a ring under $500 are yellow, rose or white gold.  Anything over 14k is typically priced over $500, especially if it comes with pre-set stones. However, there are 14k gold engagement ring options just under $500 or $600, that are just as beautiful.

Best Diamonds for Engagement Rings Under $500

The best diamonds for a budget-friendly engagement ring is a 0.30 CT round stone. The circular shape appears larger than other diamond cuts. Princess cut stones also have a strong presence even in a smaller size.

The modern Delicato ring features a 0.30 CT princess cut diamond set in 14K white, yellow or rose gold. The twisted double band with a crossover infinity style surrounds the 4-pronged square center stone. It is a high fashion design without the steep price tag.

You can buy a large authentic center diamond for under $500, but it is likely to have very low cut, color and clarity grades. This means the stone will not reflect light well, may have some inclusions and a gray or yellow tint. A larger, lower cost diamond may also be less durable.

Brillianteers Online

At Brillianteers we offer a wide variety of styles which range from classic ring looks depicting the unique vintage and antique designs to modern and contemporary for the trendier bride. We sell lower cost engagement rings crafted of real gold and natural diamonds.

Above are examples of engagement rings under 500 dollars.