Celebrities, Their Diamonds, And Their Influence On Us

Photo source: Gemma News Service

We still remember when Prince William proposed to his then-girlfriend Kate Middleton. He granted her an 18 carat blue sapphire and diamond ring, and soon after, diamond industries boomed. Regardless of the fact that this beautiful ring was the same engagement ring that his father, Prince Charles, gave to the late Princess Diana, this ring became a hit for two reasons: it stood out among classic, white diamond rings, and it belonged to someone of higher authority, someone whose fashion and lifestyle we want to follow. Immediately, jewelers all over the world started creating replica rings, because people wanted this ring. A few years later, we’re still in love with that ring, and we’re guessing that Kate Middleton’s finger isn’t the only one accessorized with such a ring today.

Who would’ve thought that a few jewels would stay in our memories forever. We already know that diamonds are forever, but which ones? Why do some get the attention while others go unnoticed? At this point in time, it’s safe to say that celebrities and other important figures we hear about in the news are partly, if not majorly, responsible for that.

Photo source: Gemma News Service

The news of engagements, the rings, and what follows

When celebrities get engaged, magazines, newspapers, and online news sources announce the news with high quality close-up images of the engagement symbol – the ring. Diamond professionals take a closer look and make an effort to determine the 4c’s of that particular ring, that is, the carat, the cut, the color and the clarity. Let’s say that a particular actor chooses a pink diamond ring for his girlfriend of 3 years. We see pictures, we label it as the new “it” ring, we want it. This way, trends are born. Couples search for the “Kate Middleton ring” or the “Hilary Duff ring.” They want what celebrities are having. Why? That’s just how society works.

Photo source: The Jewel Expert

Photo source: The Jewel Expert

Celebrities have a huge effect on us, whether we are aware of this or not. When it comes to diamonds, celebrities are the elite society that can actually afford rings and other sparkles worth a couple million dollars. The average person doesn’t even make that much money in a lifetime, but what are dreams for? It’s the same as wanting a Hollywood mansion or that Ferrari, which celebrities have and we don’t. But diamonds are forever – they won’t burn in a fire or won’t just stop working over time. They don’t need fuel to burn and they don’t scratch. Celebrities have them, and we see them as something fashionable, trendy, and we want it. Just think of it, if you had all the money in the world, wouldn’t you buy something beautiful and sparkly that others would admire? Small diamond studs are enough to make a woman feel prettier and to feel like a million dollars. And the fact that Reese Witherspoon wore similar diamond studs to last year’s Oscars is just a cherry on top.

We want what they have, it’s inevitable

We buy diamonds to feel pretty, to dress up an outfit, and also because we can. Seeing celebrities looking glammed up at events makes us a bit jealous, and we want to be just like them deep inside. We may dream of fame and glamour, and if a designer dress or a diamond necklace makes us feel better, then why not. We see diamonds everywhere, and not just around holidays, when magazine advertisements and store displays sparkle and shine, blinding us as we take a closer look.

Back in school, we were taught Freudian mechanisms of psychoanalysis, which state, that deep inside, we know we want it. Marketing uses this to a huge advantage. Celebrities are just part of marketing campaigns, the rest is the movies we watch, the advertisements we see, and the magazines we read. We’re told that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Every woman yearns to have that at least that one diamond, the one encased in a gold, white gold or platinum band, symbolizing eternity and love, given to her by her true love.

The worth of diamonds in celebrity land

True love. That term is seen differently by celebrities, and different in our world. Celebrities get engaged, then call of engagements, or they get married, and then divorce. What is that diamond really worth? Is it a way to show off what you can afford, or to avoid being labeled as someone cheap? Engagement news are more popular than wedding news, it seems, and so are those close-ups of rings. Sometimes, news sources can be mistaken, when they consider any diamond ring automatically an engagement ring. Women wear diamonds all the time, especially celebrities at fancy events.

ELLE magazine recently featured an online slideshow of “Top 25 Celebrity Engagement Rings.” We see popular celebrity names like Jennifer Garner, Beyonce, Blake Lively, Gisele Bundchen, Mariah Carey, and much more.

Photo source: ELLE magazine online


These gorgeous stunners are big, feature four-carat to 15-carat diamonds, and aren’t exactly what you would see on the typical woman on the street. Do women find such rings beautiful? Yes. Would they want them? Yes and no. The typical woman has a 9 to 5 job, takes care of children, does household work, and a ring like this may be a nuisance. Some women just show of rings to their friends or on the street, but is that was love is worth?

Love – can it be bought?

In today’s times, the line between love and worth is blurred. Huge diamond rings don’t necessarily represent the amount of love one has for another. A small-towner could say “I love you” to his love with a silver, pearl and jewel ring. Just because he can’t afford a huge diamond ring does not mean that he doesn’t love her. Love shouldn’t be declared in carats or dollars.

But this does not mean that celebrities don’t affect our lives, because they do. Just like the Kate Middleton ring became the “most famous engagement ring in the world” (ELLE), Kim Kardashian’s $8 million Lorraine Schwartz ring from Kanye West made headlines across the world. A ring costing a few million dollars is something only the chosen can afford, but it tops lists of popular engagement rings. Diamond businesses are then challenged to come up with look-alike versions of such rings, in hopes of making them affordable for the average man.

Photo source: ELLE magazine online

Photo source: ELLE magazine online

For a good cause or just for show

It’s not just about the diamond rings. Celebrities wear jewelry to special events, or even wear bags, shoes, or clothing adorned with diamonds. However, often these items aren’t personal items of celebrities, who get them from designers or companies in hopes of showcasing them at events. At times, the goal is to gain public attention so that these items are talked about in the news and people buy them. Other times, it’s for a good cause. For example, in 2011 supermodel Anja Rubik wore a pair of pink sapphire, diamond and ruby shoes designed by Giuseppe Zanotti, to the Cannes Film Festival. She then auctioned these precious shoes for 125,000 pounds for AIDS charity amfAR.

Photo source: Haute Today

Photo source: Haute Today

Other times, diamonds are just for show. Awards shows, such as the Grammy’s or Oscars, are perfect occasions for celebrities to wear their best in hopes of getting “Best dressed” remarks in the press. According to The Jewellery Editor, the 2013 Oscars were dominated by white gold and diamonds, and though there were few necklaces, diamonds mostly appeared in earrings, bracelets and rings. Charlize Theron wore $4.5 million in Harry Winston jewels, including two vintage bracelets featuring over 100 carats. Sandra Bullock wore an estimated $1 million in Harry Winston diamonds, including diamond studs, a cluster brooch and three diamond rings.

Photo source (all 4): The Jewellery Editor




Celebrities are dressed for the night by their stylists, and they are rarely in possession of such jewels. After a night such as the Oscars, we see commentary and pictures of the dresses, the hair, and the accessories. Everything looks so beautiful, making our eyes sparkle as bright as any diamond. For many, a diamond collection ends at a bunch of photographs and a single diamond ring, but for some, diamonds may be as important as a Chanel bag, and whatever is trendy, they have to have it.

Photo source (both): The Jewellery Editor

Photo source (both): The Jewellery Editor




So whether you want to be like a diva, a celebrity and fancy having what they have, or you just like staring at their large diamonds while a simple diamond adorns your finger, the truth is the same: diamonds are forever. They will never go out of style. As stated by Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Celebrities are here to show the truest diamonds, because they can, it’s not always out of true love or for a good cause. You may think, what do I need diamonds for? But think again, if you could afford an $8 million ring, would you buy it?

Photo source: The Vigilant Citizen

Photo source: The Vigilant Citizen










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