Getting to know our engaged couples: Lex and Davin

I truly believe that falling in love isn’t always about finding the ONE. Little did we know we also find ourselves by doing things we could have never imagine.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, let’s start the love month with a story from one of our lovely couples – Lex and Davin.

We saw your posts on Instagram, and you two looks so in love with each other. Could you tell us how did you guys meet?

“We met through my mutual friends from college, I lived 2 1/2 away but came to their baby shower which he was there because he was the best man. Fast forward we all began to hang out as just a group of friends, flirting here and there and one day we ended up being alone talking on the porch.”

Now that’s a wonderful start! But when did you guys felt that certain connection that only the two of you can explain?

“We had an instant connection and he finally asked me out for Valentine’s Day. He came to hours to my town for the date and it felt like we’ve known each other for years we had tons to talk about, we definitely fell in love that night and knew we wanted to be together forever.”


“After that day we FaceTimed every chance we got, every time we got an off day we would spend it together.” -Lex






“I had no clue, he took me back to the first restaurant we ever went to in the town we met and proposed to me, I honestly thought it was just for our anniversary I had no idea I would come back a fiancé!”




That was an extravagant surprise! How long have you been loving each other?

“We have been together 2 years now. We were friends for almost three years before officially dating!”

Do you have more likes and similarities? or are you perfectly opposite – like filling the lack of the other?

“We are very similar, but he helped get me out of my shell. I hate spending money on things and he doesn’t mind, so we balance each other!”


Now that makes a team! Are you planning to have kids after marriage or anytime soon?

“We get married March 17 in my home town Vidalia, Georgia this year and we will be trying for a baby a few months after our two trips this year.”




Now let’s get into more details about your gorgeous ring, how did you find us?

“My fiancé found you guys searching on social media, he was scared of how the quality would be at first but it was soo beautiful when it came in the mail the quality of the diamonds really exceeded our expectations so much that we are already looking into upgrading it!”

Oh that’s so nice to hear! Who chose the design and how did he surprise you?

“He chose the design in his own and took me out to dinner, gave me flowers then surprised me by popping out the ring ❤️”


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