Gold Rings: A First Time Buyer’s Best Friend

Buying jewelry can be daunting. Even something as simple as a regular gold ring can be intimidating. Once you know the basics about gold, its value, and why gold is so popular, buying a gold ring the smart way will be second nature.

White Gold Ring
White Gold Ring

The first thing that you need to know when buying a gold ring is how many Karats (or K) you want to have. 10K gold means that the amount of gold in this metal alloy is low. Gold jewelry which is 10K-12K is easy to find, and often the most affordable gold on the market, and also is suitable for daily wear. Currently, the most popular level of gold for gold rings is 18 karats. It is illegal to sell gold fewer than 9 karats in the United States, as it is considered an inferior product. You can buy gold up to 24K. 24 karat gold is extremely yellow, shiny, and often so soft that you can bend it with your fingers. Finding such a high amount of gold is difficult, and specialty jewelers might be the only place that you will be able to purchase it.

There are several different forms of gold on the market. Yellow gold is what most people think of when they buy gold rings. However, there is also white gold, and rose gold. White gold is almost identical in look to silver and platinum. Rose gold, also known as pink gold and red gold, is actually a very popular form of copper-gold alloy. The type of gold that you choose will often change the price of your gold ring.

Many first time customers often make the mistake of buying “22 karat gold plated” rings from less reputable dealers. When you hear the phrase “gold plated,” it’s important to remember that it means that the ring is COVERED in gold. The actual ring itself could be any sort of cheap metal, even tin. People who are allergic to nickel are advised to avoid gold-jewelry, since once the plating is removed, the cheap metal ring underneath will come into contact with skin. Most times, the metals that are used for rings that become gold plated are nickel, aluminum, and tin alloys. Gold-plated rings, however, are a great option for people who want to appear like they are wearing gold without the expensive price tag.

Gold has been a valuable investment since the beginning of history. Throughout the ages, its beautiful glimmer has been the subject of many people’s admiration. Gold also is one of the very few hypoallergenic metals available on the market. People who are sensitive to metal often have gold as their only option. Nowadays, gold is actually treated as a currency standard. Buying a gold ring can be just as much an investment as it is a jewelry buy. When buying it as an investment, a high amount of gold karats will make the gold ring a solid investment. Yellow gold is generally preferred for investment reasons.

Shopping around is the only way to really get an amazing deal on gold rings. The same karat gold ring will differ by hundreds depending on the seller. Of course, high-end jewelers will provide excellent service, incredible knowledge on the subject, and also will help teach you about your jewelry purchases every step of the way.

When shopping for gold, it’s also a smart idea to learn which jewelers have good reputations for trustworthiness, and also to consult with a jewelry appraiser. If you are going to buy a gold ring, especially considering the price of gold nowadays, finding out the current price of gold is crucial.

It’s important to consult with an appraiser to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Great jewelers will not only help you understand all the different kinds of gold, as well as help you find the right ring design, but also will double as reliable appraisers. Gold rings are very easy to resell; so keeping in mind the future value and asking appraisers for help on the subject is always a smart move.

Yellow Gold Ring
Yellow Gold Ring

Remember, when shopping for great jewelry, you never have to be alone. Ask for advice from experienced jewelry buyers, friends, and family. If you are very worried about getting the wrong advice from a jeweler, ask the Better Business Bureau or other jewelers. You’ll receive plenty of great advice!



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