Getting to Know Our Newly Engaged Couples: Mica and Danny


Following on from our very popular interview with one of our happy, newly engaged couples…

We sat down with Mica and Danny, a physical therapist and US navy power couple who are both from the Philippines, but actually met in Illinois of all places. Fate? We think so!

Proving once again that romance first comes from friendship, here is their remarkable story…




Nice to meet you, Mica and Danny! Please tell us a bit about the moment you first met; we’re fascinated…

Mica: We met at Six Flags in Illinois. I was with my brother and a friend and he was with his friends. We were in line for this ride called Goliath. It was quite a wait in line since they were doing maintenance checks in between rides. He overheard us speaking in Filipino and so he asked my friend “Are you guys Filipino?” He then introduced himself to us and vice versa.

While waiting in line, he got close to my brother and added each other on Facebook. That night he also sent me a friend request on Facebook and my brother told me to accept it because he’s a nice guy.


We like his style. Facebook friends first sounds good. So what happened next? Did you go on a date straight away?

Mica: Months later, he contacted me through social media and we exchanged messages. As we were talking, we found out that we are both in Washington State. He is in the US Navy stationed in Washington and I am a Physical Therapist assigned by my company in the same state.

Turns out he was just in Illinois months ago for Navy training and I was just there to visit my brother. We were both fascinated by how we both ended up in the same state again. He asked me out and from there we started going out more.

Aww! How long have you guys been together since your first official date?

Mica and Danny: We’ve been together for 11 months now. The first time we went out together was on November 25, 2017.

Aww! How long have you guys been together since your first official date?

Mica and Danny: We’ve been together for 11 months now. The first time we went out together was on November 25, 2017


Do you have a lot of similarities or are you an ‘opposites attract’ kind of couple?

Mica and Danny: We are opposites but we balance each other out.

Talk to us about children. Are you planning to have kids?

Mica and Danny: We are but not soon.


We want to know everything about the wedding! Tell us all about it… 

Mica and Danny: We already had an intimate civil wedding ceremony here in Washington last September 29, 2018 but we are planning to have a church wedding in the Philippines where we are both from.

It will be about 2-3 years from now, where we’ll have more family and friends over to celebrate with us.

Two weddings – we love it! We can’t help but notice your sparkly ring. How did you find us?


Mica: He found Brillianteers online.

What can you say about the ring?

Mica: I love the ring. It’s very beautiful.

Who chose the design?

Mica: My husband chose the design but if I were to choose I would still pick the same design. It’s the ring I’ve always wanted.


That’s us – we make dreams come true! We love hearing about proposals, so please tell us everything. How did it happen?

Mica: The proposal happened on July 25, 2018. He was driving me home after we had dinner at his parents’ house for his Mom’s birthday.

On our way home, he asked if I want to stop by the beach. There is a beach close to my place that is our favorite spot to watch the sunrise and sunset. We went to the beach and walked on the boardwalk.


Next thing I know, he was down on one knee with a ring and asked “Will you marry me?” And of course I said “Yes!” I never thought something I only see in movies would actually happen to me.

We’re not crying, you’re crying…




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