Getting to Know Our Newly Engaged Couples: Jesse and Kelsey

Every love story is beautiful in its unique and romantic way, which is why we never tire of getting to know our newly engaged couples. From what brought them together, to the happiest moments they have shared so far, to the moment they “knew” they had found the one, to starting the next chapter of their lives… we can’t get enough.

We sat down with just one of the many couples who chose one of our diamond engagement rings to find out a little bit more about them. Meet Jesse and Kelsey…

Congratulations on your engagement, guys! So first thing’s first, how did you two meet? 

Jesse: We met online. Christian Mingle to be specific. I saw her profile and thought she was cool so I sent her a message.

Did you do the whole friends first thing or did you plunge straight into dating?

Jesse and Kelsey: We pretty much went right into dating. We didn’t really have a “friendship period” first. We like to call it, “dating with a purpose”. Our first date was July 29th 2017

When did you guys feel that certain connection when you knew you’d found ‘the one’?

Jesse: Our third date I knew she was it. We spent like 5 hours just talking about everything. After that night I knew it was her.




Kelsey: we both knew that we were the one for each other on our third date. We seriously grilled each other on our beliefs, likes, dislikes, and were vulnerable toward each other!

Aww – if that isn’t true love, we don’t know what is! How long have you guys been together?

Jesse and Kelsey: We’ve been together (seeing each other since July 2017, our anniversary as a couple is August 19th 2017!!! Cannot wait to celebrate our 2 year anniversary at the Jersey shore


Wow, who doesn’t love the Jersey shore?! Do you have a lot of similarities or are you one of those ‘opposite attract’ couples? 

Jesse: We have a lot of similarities which is good. To me it means we get along perfectly and we’re like best friends.

Kelsey: one thing that has been the most attractive about Jesse is the fact that he stands with what he believes in and he does not crumble under pressure. We both have similar relationship experiences and expectations, faith based expectations, and overall our mind-set about life.

Are you planning to have kids after marriage or anytime soon?

Jesse and Kelsey: We do have plans to have kids. Not sure when exactly haha but we do want them. Definitely see us having kids 1-2 years after marriage!




So speaking of marriage, where are you getting married?

Jesse and Kelsey: We will be getting married at St. Paul’s church in Allentown PA.

What made you realize that you want to spend the rest of your lives together?

Jesse: Just the fact that we have some much in common. We have the same beliefs and values I just knew.

Kelsey: on the third date when he accepted me for me and didn’t judge me or laugh at me when I was vulnerable and honest about my past with him, that was when I knew he was the one for me, because he accepted me no matter what!

Aww, we think we might cry! Now let’s talk about the sparkles. First of all, how did you find us?

Jesse: I found your website though Google. Just browsing for rings. And I’m so glad I did.

Ah, you guys, we’ll try not to blush. And who chose the engagement ring design?

Jesse: I chose the design. She had no idea at all until the day I proposed

How did you surprise her, Jesse?

Jesse: We were in Pittsburgh for the weekend and I surprised her by taking her to a huge fountain I knew about in the city and proposing there.

We have chills.  We wish you all the luck in the world on your magical journey.


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