Getting to know our engaged couples: Katie and Tim

They say marrying your best friend is the best thing in the world – that someone who knows you more than yourself. Someone who has this unique way of connecting without a single word.

How lucky are Katie and Tim to have crossed each other’s paths and felt that splendid spark that the universe created for two people meant to be together forever? Let’s read their story that will instantly give that Valentine’s Day vibe…


How did you guys meet?

“We met in March of 2013 on the island of Oahu. I am originally from Chicago and my fiancé is from Northern California. We both lived in Hawaii for school, but we met working at a Buca Di Beppo (Italian restaurant) in Honolulu.”

Oh I can only imagine how great it would be too meet someone in Hawaii. So since you guys are basically workmates’, When did you guys felt that certain connection that only the two of you can explain?

“Speaking for myself there was one night we went on a pirate cruise for one of our friends birthdays, you are encouraged to dress up and everybody dances and all of that. During this cruise dancing around together felt so natural and I felt so comfortable (keep in mind this was only a few months after we officially began dating) and I felt like he loved me for me and my goofy self, even though he is crazier than me. I didn’t have to pretend to be anybody else or impress him and what do you know later that night he told me he loved me”


How long have you guys been together?

“We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary!”

That was a great 5 years I could say, you guys look so amazing together! Did you hang out as friends before becoming lovers?

“Well we met in the month of March and started hanging out in groups of friends right away, it was not until November we had our first date just the 2 of us, we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend that January. To this day he is my best friend and my lover.”

Speaking of that November night, can you tell us more about your first date? When was it exactly?

“November 9th 2013! We went on a beautiful, super muddy hike. Grabbed some Taco Bell afterwords (the diet of a 19 and 20 year old) then swam in the ocean under the stars to wash all the mud off.”


Do you have more likes and similarities? or are you perfectly opposite – like filling the lack of the other?

“I think we have a perfect combination when it comes to this. The really important things in life we have similar opinions and tastes while the goofy things in like we couldn’t be more opposite!”

Sure you dreamed about cradling a little Katie or a little Tim, are you planning to have kids after marriage or anytime soon?

“I am still a full-time student who works roughly 30 hours a week and he is in flight school training to be a pilot in the Navy. With such busy schedules, we have no time to even think about having kids. The future is a different story, in the meantime, we have 2 dogs and they are our world.”


You guys seems to be great at shaping the future I could see. Your furkids must be so lucky. So when are you getting married?

“Again with such busy schedules, we are hoping for summer 2020. I will be done with school and he will hopefully be done training.”




So let’s get to know about the ring, first things first, how did you find us?

“We were looking up affordable rings online and Tim actually found this website!”


What can you say about the ring when it came in the mail? or when he gave it to you?

“I actually had assistance with picking it out online, but I did not see it until Tim proposed.

I was in shock at how beautiful the ring was, it hasn’t been a week yet but I still can’t stop looking at it! It is absolutely perfect!”



Who chose the design?

“I choose the design and he did the rest.”


So tell us the big surprise, how did he do it?

“Well, I knew he had it I just did not know when I would be getting it. We celebrated our anniversary last Saturday night by going out to a really nice dinner and on the drive home he passes our exit. I ask him where we are going and he says it’s an anniversary surprise. It was not until we were almost there that I had an idea of what was going to happen. (I love the beach and always wanted a beach wedding, proposal, the works) we currently live in south Texas so there are beaches around. We drive onto the beach and by the time I get out of the car, he is already down on one knee. It was perfect, exactly what my hopeless romantic self could’ve wanted. We celebrated with some champagne and stayed and talked on the beach for some time. It was a beautiful night hearing the waves crashing and there were so many stars out, I won’t ever forget that night!”

Now that ladies and gents is another great story of love. We wish you guys nothing but the best! Thank you for sharing your story to us.


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