Engagement Ring Metals – Know Your Options

If you have been searching online for your engagement ring purchase, you need to know the options that you have when it comes to engagement ring metals. Each metal has its own perks, its own characteristics, and prices. This guide offers you a general overview of the metals used in engagement rings.

Recycled material – Often inexpensive, engagement rings made out of recycled metals are actually alloys of a variety of different metals. Silver, titanium, platinum, and even gold can be mixed to make a unique metal that will have a color all its own.

Rose gold – Rose gold is a mix of gold and copper. It's beautiful pinkish bronze sheen will make it a favorite among romantics. It's slightly less expensive than white gold or regular yellow gold.

White/Yellow gold – Currently one of the most expensive options, gold is one of the most famous ring metals in the world. Traditional, visually stunning, and always a good choice for women with metal allergies, gold is always in style.

Platinum – Platinum is a rare, but extremely pure, metal. It has a very shiny silvery look to it, without tarnish or karat rating. If you want a platinum ring, you are going to have to spend a pretty penny. It's more expensive than gold. Platinum is known for extreme durability.

Palladium – Palladium has a similar hue to platinum, and is also unusually flexible. You never will have to worry about breakage due to ring adjustments with this metal. It's often used in gold alloys, and also happens to be slightly darker than platinum or white gold.

Titanium – Lightweight, silvery, and quite possibly the most hypoallergenic metal known to man, titanium is quickly becoming a popular yet inexpensive choice for engagement rings. This metal is particularly popular with men's wedding bands due to the tough-sounding name. It's still relatively rare to find bands in this metal.

Silver – Silver is rarely used as a wedding or engagement ring material anymore, but it's a metal that will appeal to people who are really on a tight budget. It's not going to be too hard to find an engagement ring under $200 if you choose a silver metal band.

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The first step to choosing an engagement ring that you like, or a wedding ring set, is to find a metal that suits your taste and your budget.
After all, it will be the majority of the material that your engagement ring will be made out of.

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