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Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

In this category you will find our collection of Vintage Engagement Rings. All diamond engagement rings are exclusively designed for Brillianteers using the top technology of design and manufacturing. The Diamond Rings come with Free Ring Sizing and manufacturers warranty. All Gold and Platinum metals are of the highest grading and best jewelry craftsmanship

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Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage jewelry is always in fashion, this includes diamond engagement rings. Timeless designs from long ago have earned their status. A vintage-inspired engagement ring not only has sentimental value, it will hold a special place in her heart forever.

What is a Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring?

In simple terms, a vintage-inspired engagement ring is a modern style that is designed to reflect a past era. It is a recreation of a popular fashion trend from long ago. The difference between a vintage-inspired ring and an actual antique is that the newer version can be customized and modernized. You control the cost, carats, gemstones, and metals, instead of hunting through countless authentic vintage rings for just the right look.

Inspirations for Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage ring designs are inspired by specific eras in fashion history. Five periods influence vintage-inspired engagement rings the most: The Art Deco, Edwardian, Georgian, Retro, and the Victorian eras.

The end of WW1 marked this period of symmetry and precision. Although platinum was needed to make weapons and armor, it was still the metal of choice for engagement rings. For a time, jewelers were banned from making rings with platinum, so they relied on gold. This is the era when intricate cuts and emerald cut diamonds were introduced.
Kim Kardashian’s vintage-inspired 15k cushion cut diamond ring is from the Art Deco period. Also, inspired by the era is Mariah Carey’s gigantic 35k emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

Edwardian-inspired Engagement Rings— 1901–1920

When Queen Victoria’s son, Edward VII assumed the throne this began the Edwardian period. This was when platinum jewelry became more popular than gold because it was stronger and more durable. Jewelers started to create ring bands that displayed elaborate details.

Kate Middleton proudly displays the 18k oval cut sapphire ring that Princess Diana once wore from the Edwardian Era. In addition, Eva Longoria also wears an Edwardian flowerlike masterpiece with a center ruby framed by diamonds.

Georgian-inspired Engagement Rings — 1714–1837

This was the period of very feminine luxury jewelry, that began with the reign of England’s four King Georges. A vintage-inspired engagement ring from the Georgian era is perfect the hopeless romantic. Designers at the time used ancient motifs and floral accents in mainly silver and gold settings.

Retro-Inspired Engagement Rings — 1935–1948

During the Gold Age of Hollywood jewelry was big and bold. Everything ornate was over the top and elaborate. The pear cut to shape and marquise cut diamonds were introduced during this colorful era.

Victorian-Inspired Engagement Rings —1937–1901

During Queen Victoria’s reign, diamond engagement rings had engraved intricate designs, yellow gold settings, and colorful gems surrounded by smaller accent stones. Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies were popular during this era. In 2014, Ashlee Simpson received an engagement ring inspired by the Victorian Era embellished with 140 diamonds.