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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Solitaire diamond engagement rings embody the very celebration of life’s most meaningful commitment. They become a radiant essential for the modern bride who wants both a dazzling center gemstone and a smooth, uninterrupted band. These bands are sleek and easy to clean while providing a beautiful base for the diamond to shine. Solitaire settings can accommodate a range of cuts, including princess, cushion and round cut diamonds. All of our rings are designed and handcrafted in-house, so you know your meaningful purchase is truly special.

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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The iconic solitaire diamond engagement ring is a classic symbol of love. The lone diamond continues to be the most popular engagement ring style across the globe. The design is most pleasing to the bride-to-be who likes a classic, understated style, but still wants a bold display of her commitment.

Men tend to opt for the solitaire ring when they are not quite sure which diamond cut or style to buy. For added bling, a solitaire diamond engagement ring can be adorned with a halo setting or a diamond-studded wedding band.

A Single Diamond

With a solitaire engagement ring, the diamond is the central attraction. That means the lone gem is solely in charge of making the ring great. Therefore, you must put some time into choosing the type of diamond, the setting, and ring design. It is common for shoppers to first look for the perfect diamond, and then select the right setting,

The 4Cs are the industry standards for diamond buying. The quality of cut, carat, color, and clarity all determine the diamond grade and value. But do not rely on only the 4Cs to cement your decision. Also, trust what you see when choosing the right solitaire diamond engagement ring for you. Consider the following features when selecting your perfect stone:

Size: It is common for shoppers to mistake carat weight for a diamond’s size. A single carat diamond can appear larger or smaller, depending on the cut, table size, and shape. Focus less on a diamond’s weight and more on the way it looks in its setting. There are many ways to make a diamond solitaire appear bigger without investing in a high carat diamond.

Shape: The round brilliant is a classic diamond solitaire cut, but there are many shapes to suit every taste. Princess cut solitaire rings are very popular, and those who want a more dramatic may be attracted to pear, marquis, emerald or other shapes.

Beauty: The 4C standard also impacts the beauty of a diamond and how well it sparkles. Color measure a diamonds transparency, clarity is how many flaws are visible inside the stone. Each factor has an effect on the overall price. A lesser quality stone with poor clarity or color will now be as beautiful a higher-grade diamond. However, oftentimes you cannot detect the flaws with the naked eye, especially a mid-grade diamond.

Cut: The diamond cut is the most important feature; the facets and angles are what encourages light to shine through and reflect off the top. To find the most sparkling diamonds you can compare them under light or examine them under a gemological microscope.

Setting: There are typically two settings used for diamond solitaire engagement rings. The four or six prong setting lifts the solitaire above the band and allows in more light. The fashionable halo setting provides a more dramatic look and added feminine charm.

Band: So many options are available to complement your diamond solitaire: a thin or thick band, silver or white or yellow gold, basic or engraved. The choice you make will reflect the bride’s personality and unique style.

A solitaire diamond engagement ring is a simple, yet bold statement of your love and commitment to each other.


Above are examples of our solitaire diamond engagement rings.