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Luxury Engagement Rings

In this category you will find our collection of Luxury Engagement Rings. All diamond engagement rings are exclusively designed for Brillianteers using the top technology of design and manufacturing. The Diamond Rings come with Free Ring Sizing and manufacturers warranty. All Gold and Platinum metals are of the highest grading and best jewelry craftsmanship

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Choosing Luxurious Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to making a statement a luxury diamond engagement ring speaks volumes. The highest quality cuts, precious metals like platinum or 18k white gold and custom designs, display class, refined taste and a commitment to lifelong love.

What Choose Luxury Diamonds?

All diamonds are beautiful, but they are not all created equal. Only the most precious gemstones receive the official luxury classification. The strict rating is measured by the 4 Cs, color, cut, carats and clarity. Diamonds that surpass the highest standards are granted the esteemed luxury label. Here are some criteria to look for when shopping for a luxury engagement ring:

3 Carats or More

Regardless of the clarity, color or cut, smaller diamonds will never make luxury status, it is all about the size. To meet the required criteria a luxury diamond must be larger than three carats. Designers in the luxury ring business tend to reserve smaller diamonds to use as accent stones. The main diamond or center stone is required to be over three carats to meet luxury standards.

Flawless Diamond Cut

The slightest imperfection will be grounds for rejection. A luxury diamond is flawless. Forevermark and Hearts of Fire diamonds stand out above the rest. These two brands are in a league of their own, they use only perfect luxury diamonds. Only one percent of all the diamonds in the world qualify to be either a Forevermark or a Hearts of Fire diamond.

The Perfect Symbol of Love

Since luxury diamonds are so rare and everlasting, they are the perfect symbol of love, commitment, and longevity. Along with engagement rings, luxury diamond rings and jewelry are appropriate for other special events including weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day.

Caring for Luxury Engagement Rings

A luxury diamond engagement ring is a huge investment. Always treat the prized gem with care and kept it clean, so the dazzling sparkle will linger forever. The highest quality engagement rings are very durable with secure, superior settings. The most expensive diamonds are the hardest stones available, they will not break. However, they may get chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged, if they are not handled with care. Good insurance coverage is a must when you purchase luxury jewelry of any kind.