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InExpensive Engagement Rings

Diamonds are often associated with wealth, glamour and prestige. The coveted stones are also a symbol of eternal true love for aspiring spouses. Therefore, many people have adopted the false notion that the bigger the rock the better, and that no matter what, diamonds are always expensive. This is not always the case and for this reason we specialize in affordable diamond jewelry.

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Inexpensive Diamond Engagement Rings

Media reinforces these ideas by flaunting the massive rings graced by celebrities worth thousands and thousands of dollars. These huge sparklers may be captivating, but they are not the norm. There are ways to create an inexpensive genuine diamond engagement ring that your love will cherish. You may even be able to do so for $1,000 or less.

A Lower Carat Diamond Means a Lower Price

The diamond size is one of the biggest contributors to the overall price. Since diamonds are weighed in carats, the larger the carat weight, the heftier the expense.

To stay within a frugal budget, consider a lower carat weight. You can purchase loose diamonds for as low as $200, under a half carat. The most common diamond cut is the round shaped stone, so you may find more options, but keep in mind that the round brilliant is also the highest priced. Non-traditional shapes are more cost-effective and many styles such as the oval, emerald, marquise and pear are elongated, which gives a modest-sized stone the illusion of a larger diamond.

The Biggest Bling for Your Buck

If you have your heart set on a lavish diamond, the best way to stay within cost is to go lower other aspects that boost the price, such as color, clarity, and cut. An ample diamond will be less brilliant with a low-quality cut but will also be less expensive. It is not a good idea to cut corners in this area, you will be diminishing the features that make a diamond special.

Poor clarity can be obscured with diamond faceting. Brilliant cut shapes benefit the most from this approach because they offer maximum faceting. Top choices to consider are round, marquise, pear, oval, heart, radiant, some cushions and princess. But keep in mind, a lower clarity grade will likely reveal diamond imperfections. It is harder to hide inclusions in a larger diamond with greater facets.

A lower grade diamond may appear brown or yellow, but if it is set in a yellow or rose gold band, this issue can be camouflaged. This is a nice option if you are looking for a vintage-inspired design. The warmer metal color and lesser color diamond is a classic antique look.

Other Ways to Reduce Engagement Ring Cost

A platinum band with a halo setting is going to hit your wallet a lot harder than a simple 14k gold ring. The cost of the band and the setting has much influence on how high the total price adds up.

Budget-friendly engravings can add a personal touch and an expensive look to an inexpensive diamond engagement ring, regardless of the stone size.

If you want to add side stones, lower the expense by adding gemstones instead of diamonds. Many more affordable gems will accent your diamond in a unique way and keep you within budget.

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring should be a joy, not a daunting task that devours a year’s earnings. There are many ways to score the perfect ring for your special one and still, have some change leftover.