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Certified Diamond Rings - GIA

At Brillianteers, we specialize in affordable diamond jewelry.  The GIA grading standards are very strict and this makes buying their diamond rings unappetizing for most consumers.  This is why most diamonds on our websites are certified by other laboratories.  The GIA certificate is important to many, their reputations goes back many years and for this reason we offer our GIA collection of rings below.  We have chosen diamonds between 0.40ct and 0.60ct which offer a very good value for money and still within the price range of most of our customers.

Browse the GIA collection below and contact us if you want a quote for a diamond we do not advertise.

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About GIA Certified Diamond Rings

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring with a certified GIA diamond is a wise decision. The Gemological Institute of America has provided an expert rating system, the famous 4 Cs. Diamond grading on carat, clarity, cut and the color is an unbiased and accurate method that is recognized throughout the industry.

The History of GIA

Established in 1931, the Gemological Institute of America has remained the leading authority on diamonds, pearls, and colored stones. The first GIA lab was opened in Los Angeles by Robert Shipley, which lead to the acknowledgment of gemology as a science. Ever since the GIA has been the driving force behind creating and implementing the highest standards for grading precious stones so that consumers can rest assured they are getting what they pay for and purchasing quality gems.

Why Diamonds?

Diamonds have long been sought after and revered, they are one of the most precious gemstones found in nature. A solid, crystallized form of carbon, it is the hardest of all gems which attest to the durability and longevity. They are valued around the globe for their purity and how they reflect light.

A diamond ring can signify more than an impending marriage, it is also a special way to commemorate a major milestone or an exceptional accomplishment. A diamond-adorned tennis bracelet is a thoughtful gift to mark the arrival of a new bundle of joy. Sparkling earrings are always the perfect surprise, to be given anytime and worn on basically any occasion.

Benefits of GIA Certification

By purchasing GIA diamonds, you never have to question the diamonds true value. It will save you time comparing jewelry appraisals and trying to decipher who is most trustworthy. When you deliver a GIA certified diamond engagement ring to the one you love, you know that gift is worth the investment. Multiple experts recognized by the diamond industry has verified all the required gem characteristics in lab conditions, based on the set scientific standard.

In addition, when you buy a GIA diamonds, you can be sure:

• Your diamond is authentic and not a man-made stone. Jewelers can usually differentiate between a synthetic gem and a natural diamond, but GIA reports the authenticity of the certificate.
• It is not a fracture filled diamond. This is an unnatural process of fixing surface flaws to boost the value of an imperfect diamond. This is done to make the stone appear more valuable.
• GIA-rated diamonds are not inherently less affordable than stones certified by a different lab. The certification process costs less than $100. Buyers also have the option of getting their diamond GIA graded after the purchase. It takes about a month to complete the process. An online tool is also available on the GIA website that can be used to confirm that the paperw work you are given matches the official GIA documents on file.

The only drawback when looking for a GIA diamond is the limited selection of half-carat or lower weight diamonds and options below $1,000.  Many affordable diamonds are graded by the GIA in the same clarity grade when in fact there are big differences between them making some of them beautiful bargains. Many gem sellers don’t find it worth their while to have smaller stones certified. If you are searching for a modest diamond with a GIA rating, your best bet is to start with a jeweler who specializes in GIA certified diamonds. Otherwise, there are countless diamond retailers online.

Regardless of where you browse for gems, you will be at ease knowing you will find the right gift of the highest quality and value when buying a GIA certified stone.