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Expensive Engagement Rings

While we do specialize in affordable diamond engagement rings, we are diamond wholesalers and some quite expensive diamonds in our possession. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry about $10,000. I would advise to contact us for special pricing and unique offers that are not advertised.

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About Expensive Diamond Engagement Rings

Although it is wise to find the perfect diamond engagement ring that fits in your budget, a wider spending allowance will expand your options. As reported in a 2017 wedding study, the average investment couples make on a diamond ring is $5,764. The highest spenders surveyed dished out close to a whopping $14k on a luxury ring.
If you have the means to indulge your love with an expensive engagement ring, be sure to have your ducks in a row before committing to at least a five-digit investment. Regardless of the price tag, every diamond purchase is an investment. A higher-end engagement ring requires even more meticulous research and careful consideration.
Smart shopping always begins with the right education. Understand diamond qualities to ensure you will select the perfect rock within your budget, and not be overcharged for a lesser quality diamond. Get exactly what you paid for, and what you want.


Things to remember when shopping for an expensive diamond engagement ring:

Shop Within Your Budget

Unless you have access to copious amounts of cash this advice applies to you. Very few shoppers have unlimited wealth. But, everyone needs to define exactly what they are looking for in an expensive engagement ring.
The traditional rule of thumb is that the cost of a diamond ring should equal no more than 3-month’s salary. If you have your heart set on a luxury engagement ring, you may be set back several year’s salaries. Expensive means something different for every diamond buyer, define what it means to you.


Understand the Essential 4Cs

The official grading system for diamonds involves four areas: cut, carat, color, and clarity. A massive, well-cut, colorless diamond with zero flaws will break the bank, while an opaque stone of the same weight with a few flaws will cost much less. Each ‘C’ impacts the price. Learn how color range, cut grades and clarity affect a diamond's brilliance and allure.

If you want to buy an enormous, flawless diamond, go for it if you can afford to do so. But if this dream is beyond your means, take heed. You can opt for a stone with less grandeur or go for lower quality with another ‘C’.


• Know for Sure What Your Love Wants

Yes, you are dishing out the money, but the ring will not be worn by you. The love of your life will be displaying this sign of your commitment forever. If your bride-to-be couldn’t care less about wearing a large diamond, do not invest in one. Understand what designs and shapes will create her perfect ring, and plan accordingly.


A Certified Diamond is the Only Choice

Committing to an expensive engagement ring is a monumental investment. Buy only certified diamonds for luxury rings. This will ensure you are buying the highest quality and that you are getting exactly what you want. A diamond without certification may be of lesser quality, or not a diamond at all but some similar stone.

More money means more options, but it also comes with added responsibility. It is important to understand the above tips before looking for an expensive engagement ring. Take time choosing your dream ring, learn about the 4Cs, and insist on only certified diamonds. In addition, be sure to have your final purchase insured!