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Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

The Symbolic Three Stone Engagement Ring The meaning behind a three-stone ring is much different than that of a traditional solitaire design. It tells the tale of your life journey together. Each diamond represents a significant point in time. The center stone serves as the present and is always the largest of the three. The smaller diamonds that lead to the middle signify past and future.

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About Three Stone Diamond Rings

The decision has been made, you know she is the one. Now, you are ready to find the perfect symbol of your union. If you like the idea of a ring that symbolizes your past, present, and future together, consider a three-stone engagement ring.

Although the time-tested solitaire remains a big seller, more and more couples are seeking more creative options. The significance of the three stones is becoming very popular.

In fact, Christina Ricci was given a three-stone diamond ring back in 2013, when her fiancé James Heerdegen asked for her hand. Christina’s design is crafted with a large center diamond, and two small side stones set in a traditional yellow gold band.


Equally-Sized, Standard Graduation and Slightly Graduated
Three stone rings are available in a variety of styles, including equally-sized, standard graduation and slightly graduated. When all three diamonds are the same weight, they are equally-sized. If the center diamond has a weight equal to the size of both outer stones, the ring has traditional graduation. For those who prefer lesser size difference between the stones, a slightly graduated style would be a better fit.


Make A Unique Statement
If your partner likes to be noticed, or if she is a true romantic who longs to wear a ring that conveys a story, a three-stone ring does both of those things. The multiple stones in the setting, allow for much creativity and many styles. For example, most couples want three diamonds, but there is no rule stating an engagement ring must be made of only clear stones. You can use any stone that you admire or holds some significant meaning. If the love of your life is fond of blue, zircon or sapphire may be the perfect side stone option. Each of your birthstones is something else to consider.


Jessica Simpson was born in July. Her husband-to-be at the time, Eric Johnson decided to honor her birth by creating a three-stone diamond and ruby engagement ring. The red gem in the birthstone for July. The oval-shaped ruby was joined with two pair-shaped diamonds in a yellow gold setting.


Keep Your Price Range in Mind
If you have a strict budget for your engagement ring purchase, a three-stone design allows for some wiggle room. If you opt for less expensive gems instead of diamonds for one or more side stones, the total cost will be more affordable. Gemstone combinations can be just as beautiful as a three-diamond ring.

The first thing to consider when considering an engagement ring is your future bride’s personal tastes. Next, stay within budget, and if you go with a three-stone ring, what the style will symbolize for the two of you.