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2 Carat Diamond Rings

Browse our collection of 2 carat diamond rings. Our diamonds are natural earth-mined diamonds that are beautiful in a ring and yet affordable. This size diamond looks large and sharp on a ladie's hand causing a robust impact of luxury. They're fairly big diamonds that turn out to be more expensive once acquired with high grading.

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About 2 carat diamond rings in detail

A diamonds carat weight is a confusing measurement that can be mistakenly thought as the size of the diamond as opposed to what it actually is, its weight.  Suprising to many, this unit of measure can even be converted to grams at a rate of 0.2gr to a 2 carat.


2 carat diamonds are bigger than average and are usually significantly more expensive.  A diamonds price per carat is not liner to its carat weight and the heavier the diamond is the higher the price per carat for it.  You would calculate the total price of the diamond by its price per carat, multiplied by its carat weight.


While the weight of the diamond does imply on its dimensions, this ratio is not linear.  For example a 2 ct diamond is approximately 8mm in diameter but a 1ct diamond is 6.3mm and not half and one could imagine.  This is the number one reason why large diamonds are far more expensive.


One more thing to consider is the bigger the diamond, the more expensive it will be to get a higher quality diamond.  As such there is a far bigger difference in price in 2 carat diamonds D color vs G color as opposed to 1ct diamonds.  We specialize in affordable diamonds and thus our most popular grading standard is F/SI1.


2 carat diamonds are quite big on the finger and therefore are more popular with classic designed rings and simple solitaire rings as opposed to halo rings that are more popular with smaller diamonds.  With that said, a 2 ct diamond ring with small sides stones around it would give a serious "wow" effect and bring out the sparkle and brilliance of the center stone.

Common Q&A about 2 carat diamonds

How much is a 2 carat diamond in grams?

A 2 carat diamond weighs 0.2 grams.


How big is a 2 carat diamond?

A 2 carat diamond is 8mm in diameter on average although it is common for diamonds to range between 7.8mm to 8.5mm.


What is the minimum price for a 2ct diamond?

A good looking 2 carat diamond ring would start from around $3,800.  Anything under that will most probably not be beautiful and sparkling.


Is H a good color for a diamond in a ring?

H colored diamonds will have a very slight yellow tint but this will not be easy to notice when set in a ring unless it is put under a white light with a white background.


Is SI2 a good clarity for a diamond in an engagement ring?

SI2 diamond will probably offer the best value for money being the least expensive clarity grading which still has a nice sparkle and brilliance and would look good especially when set in a ring.

Above are examples of our rings set with 2 carat diamonds.