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1 CT Diamond Engagement Rings

1 carat diamonds are the most popular diamond weight for engagement rings. This diamond is popular since its size (being 6.3mm-6.5mm) is quite significant while still being affordable and usually sold in the range of $1,500 - $4,000. Choose one of our beautiful ring designs below. Our catalog pictures were in most cases taken with 1ct diamonds so you can expect the ring to look just like it does in the picture.

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About 1 carat diamond rings in detail

A diamond's carat weight is the most important of the 4 c's. The carat is a unit of weight and can actually be converted to grams at the ratio of 1 carat = 0.2 grams, do not confuse this with a karat of gold (e.g 14K) which means the purity of the gold and is unrelated to the diamond carat measurement. A 1ct diamond is usually around 6.3mm in diameter but can be smaller for a deep cut diamond or wider for a shallow cut diamond. 

A one carat diamond is probably the most popular choice of diamond size, the price of such diamonds can vary depending on their cut, color and clarity.
Diamonds are priced per carat and what is unique about them is that the price per carat increases dramatically as the size of the diamond increases.  For example a 2ct diamond would usually cost 5-6 times as much as a 1ct diamond. 

The size of the diamond (its diameter) increases as its weight increases but not at the same rate.  For example, a 1ct diamond is 6.3mm on average in diameter and a 2ct diamond is 8mm on average.  This means that for one to buy  a diamond that appears large the amount of money he would have to spend will grow exponentially.
For this reason many choose to buy a ring design that decorates the center diamond with small diamonds around it or beside it thus making the center stone look bigger with only a small increase in cost (since small diamonds are inexpensive per carat).

The dimensions of a diamond are usually measured by 3 parameters:  Width x Height x Depth.  The depth is the "height" of the diamond, the ratio between these measurements determine the cut grade.  A shallow cut diamond is bigger in diameter but shallower in its depth thus resulting in a bigger diamond for the same ct weight and a deeper cut diamond is smaller in diameter for the same ct weight.  An excellent cut diamond would have the perfect proportions.

The word carat comes from an ancient trade of gems and was called carob after a uniform seed  that was used as reference called a carob seed.

Check out more technical details and history on Wikipedia here.

Common Q&A about 2 carat diamonds

How much does a 1 carat diamond actually weigh?

1.00 carat diamonds weighs 0.1 grams.


What is the actual size of a 1 carat diamond?

1 carat diamonds are 6.3mm in diameter on average although such diamonds can range from 6.2mm to 6.6mm.


What is the lowest price of a 1 carat diamond ring?

A brilliant and sparkling 1 carat diamond ring would cost from $1,500.  Anything below that price will most probably not be as beautiful and sparkling as you would want it to be.


Is an H color and SI2 clarity a good choice for a center diamond in a ring ?

H colored diamonds will have a slight yellow tint but this will be hard to see when set in the ring, especially with no white light or background. SI2 diamonds offer a great value for money since they are relatively affordable and still offer a nice looking diamond with a good sparkle and brilliance to it.

Above are examples of our rings set with 1 carat diamonds.