Custom Design Your Ring

Custom Designed Rings, Pendants or Earrings

At Brillianteers, any of our designs can be customized, this includes our rings, pendants and earrings. For example, you can request one ring with a different diamond shape or mix and match a rings crown with another rings body. You can send us a picture of a design you liked or we can sketch the design for you from scratch. Whether we are using our diamonds or yours, anything is possible. Our in-house design time will work with you closely and patiently until its perfect and just right.

The first step of the custom design process would be to have a sample picture or something in mind that our designers can use for reference. This design will be tweaked and prepared by our designers and send to the 3D computer modeler. Our modeler will create a computerized 3D diagram of the ring for your approval. Once the diagram is approved, the ring will be sent to be printed on WAX using advanced 3d Printing technology and from this wax a gold print will be created and sent to our goldsmith who will prepare it for setting the diamonds.

Once all diamonds are securely set, the ring will be polished and finished, it will then be rhodium plated, steam cleaned and boxed up in a premium jewelry box.

Sketch a Custom Designed Ring
Diamond Ring 3D Computer Design
Manufacturing a Gold Diamond Ring