Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

What Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are real natural mined diamonds that come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds. Some diamonds have better clarity than others. In the sorting process, those diamonds with imperfections that are considered “eye clean” are sold as is and those diamonds with visible imperfections that can be seen with the naked eye can undergo the clarity enhancement process.


Real natural earth-mined diamonds


Have more brilliance and shine than the average diamond


Are 30%-50% cheaper than non-enhanced diamonds

What Is The Clarity Enhancement Process?

Clarity enhancement is the process of taking a diamond that has a visible imperfection and making the imperfection invisible to the naked eye. By inserting a microscopic material into the part of the diamond with the imperfection we are able to eliminate the imperfection by making it look invisible to the naked eye.
Once a diamond is clarity enhanced the imperfection becomes virtually invisible to the naked eye, the diamond’s brilliance is improved and has much more luster and shine than the average diamond. The reflection of light in a diamond is one of the most important factors. When an imperfection in a diamond disrupts the retraction of light it can ruin the brilliance of the diamond. Thus, the clarity enhancement process optically eliminates the imperfection allowing the light to travel freely with in the diamond giving it the maximum amount of brilliance and luster.
The clarity enhancement process is not visible by the naked eye and only a trained jeweler will be able to tell that your diamond has been clarity enhanced.

Clear Diamond

Do I need to care for my clarity enhanced diamond?

Not at all! Clarity enhanced diamonds can be treated like any other diamond. After extensive research done by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) it has been concluded that normal wear and tear cannot affect the clarity enhancement in any way. Only direct extreme heat or corrosive/strong acids can affect the enhancement. When sending your ring in for annual cleaning, sizing or other repairs just let your jeweler know that your diamond is clarity enhanced.

Is the enhancement guaranteed?

Yes it is! We guarantee all of our clarity enhanced diamonds. In the rare case the enhancement is harmed we will re-enhance your diamond free of charge, no questions asked. A clarity enhanced diamond is the perfect option for those wanting to buy a diamond on a budget or for those wanting to buy a bigger or more beautiful diamond for the same price as a smaller lower quality non-enhanced diamond. Clarity enhanced diamonds are usually 30%-50% less expensive than a similar non-enhanced diamond.